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Stressed Out, Burned Out, & At Risk of Breaking Down: 3 Steps to Supporting Employee Mental Well-being


In this eye-opening webinar Mettie provides a practical 3-step framework and concrete strategies to achieve team and organizational mental well-being goals. Applying best practice support strategies to increase employee engagement and create a stigma-free culture in your organization, you'll walk away with immediate tools to support your employees' mental health and safety.

You'll be able to overcome the fears and misconceptions of addressing mental health at work, develop strategies to reduce the stigma, explore real-world examples of mental wellness initiatives and their ROI, and identify the value of proactive employee support to reduce burnout and risk for mental health crises.

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 2019 HRCI seal   SHRM Recertification 2019



About Mettie Spiess

Mettie Spiess headshotMettie Spiess is a Global Workplace Mental Well-being Expert, Nationally Certified Corporate Health Coach, and the Founder of A World Without SuicideA World Without Suicide shares their best practice Voice. Value. Vigilance. process with companies to proactively address and support employee mental well-being. Their comprehensive workplace mental health programs have been utilized in over 20 industries and seven countries.Mettie earned her reputation as a “stigma-crusher” consulting for and training some of the world’s most influential organizations, including the Department of Defense and the US Intelligence Center. In 2016, the National Alliance on Mental Illness awarded Mettie the Education Advancement Award for her work to end the stigma associated with mental illness by providing education, raising awareness, and promoting recovery. The impact principals she delivers in her trainings are based on her nine years’ experience working with leaders to build resilient teams. 

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