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Stress, Mindfulness, and Your Bottom Line: What you need to know to engage employees and maximize results


Mindfulness was one of the hottest topics at a recent World Economic Forum. And, in the headlines today, you simply can't miss the names of leading-edge companies like Google, Comcast, and Aetna, who have implemented a mindfulness-based program.
Watch this webinar to get tips from mindfulness expert, Saundra Schrock, on incorporating mindfulness into your corporate wellness program.
What You'll Learn:
  • The role of stress in reducing workplace productivity
  • How mindfulness helps to reduce stress and burnout
  • How to measure stress reduction
  • The four critical considerations you need to know before rolling out a mindfulness program
  • Tips for calculating the ROI of a mindfulness program

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 SHRM Recertification 2019


About Saundra Schrock 

Saundra Schrock headshotSaundra Schrock, CEO of Levelhead, has had a dynamic and successful career in the financial services industry for over 35 years. From her career beginnings as a bank teller, Saundra rose to the position of Executive Vice President at Chase Bank—inspiring, coaching, and mentoring leaders at all levels. Saundra credits much of her success to embracing the main tenets and practices of mindfulness and has diligently researched the concepts for years. Her work inspired her to pursue her doctorate in Psychology and create Levelhead, an innovative digital solution with scientifically-based mindfulness practices designed specifically for the workplace.

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