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How Workplace Design Can Nurture and Support Employee Well-being and a Positive Employee Experience


People spend a third of their life at work so it’s not surprising that the workplace has a significant impact on their well-being. In this webinar, Dr. Mark Cunningham-Hill explores how workplace design is a crucial element that can nurture and sustain a healthier, more engaged workforce—one that can deliver real benefits to your organization by creating workplaces that put people at the center, inspiring collaboration, innovation and well-being.

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About Mark Cunningham-Hill

Mark-Cunningham-HillDr. Cunningham-Hill is an employee health expert known for his ability to create, identify, and implement high-quality workplace health programs including prevention and screening, chronic illness interventions, and mental health and well-being initiatives. His broad occupational medicine and public health experience addresses chronic diseases impacting employers, employees, and communities within the context of social, cultural, and racial determinants of health.

Mark has served as the Medical Director for Northeast Business Group on Health since early 2018. He is also President of Worldwide Health Consulting LLC, a company focused on building healthy companies in the US and globally. Until 2017, he served as Senior Director, Global Solutions Center and Head of Occupational Medicine at Johnson & Johnson, Inc. At J&J, Mark led a team of experts covering occupational medicine, health and wellness, personal energy management, EAP and mental well-being, work-life effectiveness, and supported regional operational groups delivering health services to 135,000 employees in 120 companies. Prior to seven years at J&J, Mark spent 17 years at GlaxoSmithKline in both London and Philadelphia, including as Head of Global Operations, Employee Health Management.

Mark received his MB ChB, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Manchester University in the UK. He is a Fellow of both the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, London. 

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