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WellRight Publishes 101 Challenges—a Book to Help Improve Well-Being Through Positive Habit Formation

CHICAGOApril 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ask anybody who has tried to break a bad habit, and they will likely say it was a challenge. Today, WellRight is excited to release its latest book, 101 Challenges: Become the Best You, a collection of 101 ideas for creative, behavior-changing wellness challenges in four areas: nutrition, mental health, physical fitness, and financial wellness. The challenges can be used as a part of an employer wellness program or by individuals interested in improving themselves.

"People don't just wake up one day and say, 'I think I'll follow a 6-step process to build a new habit,'" says Tad Mitchell, the author of 101 Challenges and the President/CEO of WellRight. "Challenges simplify habit building. They have a defined beginning and end. They force you to track. They can be done as a group. And best of all, they are fun! Everyone likes a challenge."

Examples of some of the challenges included in the book are Smile Big—make 60 people smile, Go Green—eat 20 salads, Home Brew—no coffee shop coffee, and Arctic 500—walk outside for 500 minutes in the winter.

"Behavior change is tricky and personal," says Mitchell. "Most of us know what we should do, yet we don't do it. To change ourselves, we need to pick something (a challenge) and give it a try. It might stick. It might not. Either way, we've had a victory and have more confidence to tackle the next challenge."

Mr. Mitchell will be speaking about 101 Challenges and other well-being strategies at the Utah Worksite Wellness Council Annual Conference on May 8.

For more information about 101 Challenges and to view videos that explain each challenge, see wellright.com/101challenges.

WellRight is a leading provider of employer wellness solutions. WellRight's wellness program builds on 101 Challengesto help organizations develop healthy habits together, leading to a better culture and a better business. With its combination of user-friendly software, fun challenges, and educational videos, WellRight brings 101 Challenges to life, changing people and organizations for good.

In March 2017, WellRight was added to Workforce.com's list of top 10 Corporate Wellness Providers.