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WellRight Announces New COVID-19 Wellness Program

Wellness program administrators can help employees stay engaged and connected by utilizing activities and programming specifically designed around their needs during COVID-19.

Chicago, IL (April 22, 2020): Today WellRight announced a dedicated COVID-19 program to support customers' most important resource during COVID-19–their employees. With recent changes in work and home environments, it is more important than ever for employees to feel connected and engaged. The new program provides valuable resources to help organizations navigate these challenging times. 

WellRight’s 90-day COVID-19 wellness program focuses on the four dimensions of well-being that can help the most in these stressful times—emotional, social, physical, and occupational. Each month the program gives employees specially selected new habits to practice in each of these areas. To further support employees, unlimited live coaching is also available to help them channel their energy in a positive way.

“A holistic approach to well-being during a time of uncertainty is paramount. We developed this program with specific, actionable goals our customers and their employees can implement to increase their overall health and well-being during this time,” says Tad Mitchell, WellRight’s president and CEO, “It’s wonderful to be able to help people at organizations stay engaged and productive during this stressful time.”

WellRight’s Vice President of Customer Success, Jackie McFadden, further explains, “When the world feels chaotic, helping employees stay grounded with small, achievable, daily activities is more valuable than ever. What’s more,” she continues, “is that these activities can lead to healthy habits that will increase their long-term well-being and productivity.” 

The 90-day COVID-19 wellness program includes activities such as:

  • Healthy Dose–Limit your news intake
  • Coffee Break–Take a virtual break with a coworker
  • Get Out–Take a 20-minute walk
  • Daily Plan–Create a to-do list

The program is easy to implement and is available now at no cost for customers. For additional COVID-19 support resources, visit https://www.wellright.com/covid-19-support-resources

About WellRight: WellRight delivers complete wellness programs, addressing key dimensions of holistic health. Every aspect of the program has been designed to make well-being a lasting habit and includes variety and flexibility of customizable group and personal wellness challenges, a comprehensive Health Assessment, free coaching, clear progress bars to track results, and fun and customizable reward structures to build and maintain motivation and engagement. Learn more at www.wellright.com