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New Health and Wellness Book Breaks the Mold

CHICAGOSept. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — WellRight, a leading provider of corporate wellness solutions, today released its new health book 21 Habits: A Wellness Survival Guide. Its children's book format is compelling and makes the topic of wellness digestible for anyone. The book includes a list of 21 fundamental wellness habits and a six-step process to help build habits.

"It came to me on my morning run. We should use fun illustrations and limit our words to fit the page," says co-author Tad Mitchell, President and CEO of WellRight. "We threw out tons of material. What remains is a small pile of gold nuggets."

"I've been coaching people for almost a decade," explains co-author Michael Guercio, Content Manager at WellRight. "The process of writing this book has completely changed my approach to coaching."

The back of the book includes 9 healthy "recipicks," a term Michael and Tad coined to describe a formula used to make your own recipes.

About WellRight, LLC
WellRight's next generation wellness program uses wellness as a platform to build better people, strengthening the organizations they are a part of. The program provides enabling tools that help participants create habits that they already desire to have. One small success at a time, people transform themselves into the person they have always wanted to be.