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WellRight Partners with Manzil Healthcare Services to bring Wellness Programs to Payers and Employers in the Middle East

Partnership established to help employees stay healthy and productive in order to help payers reduce healthcare spending.

Chicago, IL (September 24, 2018) WellRight, a leading provider of corporate wellness programs, announced their partnership today with Manzil Healthcare Services in, UAE. Manzil is an internationally accredited home healthcare and disease management company providing individualized care for patients in the comfort of their own environment.

“We’re pleased to partner and assist Manzil in their goal to highlight well-being in the Middle East where chronic diseases are on the rise,” stated Tad Mitchell, President and CEO at WellRight. “With WellRight’s combination of user-friendly software, fun challenges, and educational videos, we help employees adopt healthy habits and change people and organizations for good.”


Dr. Sarper Tanli agreed, “Our vision is to bring wellness to light and help manage chronic disease. This is important to all employers as happy and healthy people are more productive, and this helps to reduce healthcare spending for payers.”


Manzil is adding WellRights App to their Wellness Program offerings for, corporate employers, insurance companies and its own employees. The programs and services including health risk assessment, nutrition, ergonomy, fitness, wellness coaching created by Manzil will reduce employee sick days, claims costs and health premiums, while improving employee health risk profiles, staff productivity and retention.


About WellRight:
WellRight delivers complete corporate wellness programs that address the six key dimensions of holistic health: physical, emotional, financial, social, occupational, and purpose. The program is easy to access via the WellRight online portal, smartphone apps (both Android and iOS), or text messaging, with integrations available for most wearables, fitness apps, and other wellness vendors. Every aspect of the program has been carefully designed to make well-being a lasting habit and includes variety and flexibility of customizable group and personal wellness challenges, a comprehensive Health Assessment, free coaching for employees and their families, clear progress bars to track results, and fun and customizable reward structures to build and maintain motivation and engagement. Learn more at www.wellright.com


About Manzil Healthcare Services:

At Manzil, our mission is to transform home health by providing high quality, technology enabled, and multidisciplinary care to our patients in the comfort of their environment. We strive to offer patient-centered medical treatments and therapy services with compassion for every patient we serve. Learn more at www.manzilhealth.com.