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Health Plans Enjoy Increased Client Loyalty with WellRight’s Highly Configurable Wellness Platform

WellRight’s corporate wellness software platform now enables health plans to set themselves apart from their competition. 

Chicago, IL (October 28, 2020): Today, WellRight announced exciting new capabilities for health plans offering wellness programs to their members and employer clients. 

WellRight’s platform enables member-specific programming, integrated coaching, customization by each employer group, multi-client management, and a data integration hub to automatically give members credit for wellness activities done outside the system.

“A good wellness program helps reduce a company’s healthcare spend,” says Tad Mitchell, president and CEO of WellRight. “When employers feel they’re getting a strong return on their investment in health benefits, they tend to stay with the same insurance carrier year after year.”

For health plans, a wellness program is bigger than the wellness platform itself. The wellness platform serves as a data clearinghouse, receiving claims data and data from other sources, giving credit for outside activities, and ultimately providing rewards or providing a data feed to yet another system that will provide rewards.

There are several ways in which the right wellness platform can help health plans add more value:

  • Segmentation and customization: To maximize the value a wellness program provides, health plans need to be able to segment their members and provide member-specific programming. With WellRight’s platform, members at risk for diabetes, for example, can receive diabetes prevention programming, while members already receiving diabetes treatment can receive slightly different programming. 
  • Technology plus coaching: The ability to provide wellness coaches and care managers access to the tracking technology within the wellness platform enables coaches and care managers to track members’ progress towards their goals without the need for a personal interaction each day. By combining technology with live support, members have the best chance possible to commit to—and maintain—healthy new choices.
  • Flexible programming: Flexibility in programming is very important for health plans, adds Mitchell. “They may want to use a turnkey solution for smaller employer groups while providing a high level of customization for each of their larger employer groups.” 
  • Ease of administration: Administration is vitally important since health plans need to be able to administer the programming of hundreds of clients efficiently. WellRight ensures administrators have access to members’ backend data, to better customize and easily create custom challenges, schedule events, track activity, and more—all with easy implementation and full support.

To learn more about WellRight’s solutions for health plans and how it improves member wellness, visit www.wellright.com/why-wellright/for-health-plans.

About WellRight: WellRight delivers complete wellness programs, addressing key dimensions of holistic health. Every aspect of the program has been designed to make well-being a lasting habit and includes variety and flexibility of customizable group and personal wellness challenges, a comprehensive Health Assessment, free coaching, clear progress bars to track results, and fun and customizable reward structures to build and maintain motivation and engagement. Learn more at https://www.wellright.com.